On a Quest for Consumer Centricity with Pernod Ricard

The business question

How can I improve my consumer-centric strategy?

Pernod Ricard Irish Distillers (IDL) was on a mission to build a truly ‘consumer-centric’ strategy across its wide portfolio of brands. However, the lack of providers’ agility led to fragmented insights budgets and challenges in accessing consumer sentiment among target audiences. Additionally, measuring campaign performance was both costly and time-consuming.

While using equity trackers helped longer-term brand performance, there was a shorter-term gap in understanding the momentum of the Pernod Ricard portfolio. They wanted answers to key business questions such as: how do consumers perceive our brands? And is there a need to drive further consumer-centricity within the business?

With a highly engaged marketing team focusing on growing their brands, Pernod Ricard needed to make the right decisions fast. For this to happen they wanted core consumer insight and focus on agile research, before starting on bigger projects. 

How we helped

Dedicated Resources

Bounce was the perfect partner for Pernod Ricard; with the dedicated support of an expert Research Lead, collaborative planning with the team, and access to the monthly consumer insights report, the client was able to conduct several projects in line with their annual insights priorities. 

An in-person training session for the Pernod Ricard team taught them to be platform-fluent, discuss the various types of research that they use regularly, and plan for the following months ahead. With new and dynamic research techniques, Pernod Ricard started to adopt fresh approaches to their campaigns, which helped them in their quest for consumer centricity.

The Business Answer

Real-time consumer connection

In the one-year partnership with Bounce, Pernod Ricard spoke to 9,950 consumers, turning their work together into a game-changer across the business. 

For example, the research conducted for St. Patrick’s Day provided valuable insights crucial for planning future Jameson campaigns. Similarly, Pride Month research shed light on Absolut's Pride associations, guiding strategic decisions. Plus, packaging research streamlined product launches. Having evidence-based validation at their fingertips helped Pernod Ricard IDL get the green light to dive into ambitious projects, secure bigger investments, and make the right decisions on the fly. 

Internally, this partnership has revolutionised how Pernod Ricard communicated, going from numbers only to offering real consumer feedback within 24 hours, turbocharging meetings, and guiding high-level vision down to daily decisions. This shift was key to accelerating growth and forging internal alignment.

The partnership with Bounce didn’t just benefit the business regionally. Ireland's role as a testbed market for other Pernod Ricard markets showed the global impact of this initiative, making it truly transformative.

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“Bounce is an exciting new addition to our insights partnerships here in Irish Distillers. The platform allows us to put the consumer at the heart of everything we do. The agility and speed of results coupled with the user-friendly interface make it easy for our teams to get the answers to strategic questions and continue to enhance our product offerings”

Stuart Byrne

Global Senior Insights Manager Pernod Ricard IDL

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